what is water chiller?

Water chiller takes heat from processing water, and the heat is then discharged to the water resource or the air outside. This type of  chiller system features high efficiency and also widely in many applications. Water chiller is a device that cools machine or process, such as a plastic injection molding machine, welding machine. It does [...]

Environment must to be taken into consideration when choosing chiller

When choosing proper water chiller for application, many factors should be taken into consideration, such as how much cooling capacity need for processing equipment, in what environment chiller operated, types of process fluid and flow & pressure. Today, let us talk about equipment, that is the ambient temperature. An air-cooled chiller’s ability to dissipate heat [...]

How much cooling capacity need for your application?

Regardless of your application requirements, understanding the major factors when sizing a cooling system is crucial to obtaining the right water chiller fit with proper cooling capacity. Pairing this information again and again can help improve efficiency, reduce frustration and even correctly re-purpose existing systems when necessary. for example, the most important factor in choosing a cooling [...]

Why Choose Coolsoon Chiller

Why choose Coolsoon chiller? Coolsoon chillers to eliminate the guess work Do you have a “genius” at your company whom you depend on to adjust the flow of city water or tower water in an effort to provide enough cooling? Let Coolsoon chiller technology take care of the problem. With a properly sized chiller installed, [...]

Factors on Choosing Industrial Chillers

An industrial chiller is a compressor-based cooling system that takes out heat from a liquid, controlling and chilling it. Components include temperature controller, reservoir, and a recirculating pump. It comes in different types: portable, air cooled chiller and water chilled chiller. Industrial applications for a chiller involve die-casting and machine tooling, food and beverage processing, [...]

How Many Chiller Types

Do you know how many types for industrial chillers? Generally speaking they can be devided into different types according different criteria. According to its cooling type, they can be devided into: a, Air cooled chiller - These chillers absorb heat from process water and can be transferred to the surrounding air. Air cooled chillers are [...]

what can industrial chiller do?

Obviously chiller is a cooling system that removes heat from one element and transfers it into another.  It decrease  the temperature of the equipment and to protect them. Meanwhile it also increase the production when you provide contant temperatute to in your processing equipment. Equipment Protection The most compelling reason for a chiller is the [...]

Chiller Quick selection for injection molding machine or extrusion machine

Here are some suggestion and tips on how to select chillers for injection molding machine or extrusion machine. Clamping force (Ton) Productivity (Kg/h) Suggest Model Cooling Tower 250 25 CA-02/CW-03     CT-5   300 30 CA-03/CW-04 350 35 CA-05/CW-05 450 45 550 55 CA-08/CW-08 CT-8 650 65 850 85 CA-10(D)/CW-10(D) CT-10 1000 100  CA-15/CW-15 [...]

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