Water Chiller System For Various Industrial Processing Cooling

Industrial water cooled chiller for large capacity applications

Coolsoon has been manufacturing water chiller system for over 16 years. Our skilled engineers are always here to help in various cooling system requirements to insure stable cooling and high performance.

Our water cooled chiller lines can support various industrial process but not limited to those applications, so if any question about cooling, get in contact with us and we will get back to you with reliable cooling solutions.

about coolsoon chillers

Water cooled chillers take heat from processing water, and the heat is then discharged to the water resource. This type of water chiller systems feature high efficiency and also widely in many applications.

Normally this kind of water chiller system is water cooled type, which is widely used in plastic industry, electrons, anodizing or plating, chemical industry, medicine, paint lines, fermented craft beverage, ultrasonic wave cooling, printing as well as other applications. This kind of water cooled industrial chillers can precisely control the temperature requested during processing or production, and it greatly improved the production efficiency and quality, as well as saved production time. Coolsoon water cooled chiller system features reliability, durability and energy efficiency.

Coolsoon water chiller systems are the reliable choice for industry process cooling or equipment cooling, as they offer intelligent cooling and are energy efficient apart from being extremely compact with a small footprint.

Normally wide range of standard water cooled chiller system with large cooling capacity is available anytime to chill any equipment or processing you need.

However sometimes standard chillers may not always fit your unique requirements, so our specialist engineer can suggest cooling solutions that are customized to meet your cooling needs.

about coolsoon chillers
1) Cooling water tower 7) Condenser 13) Refrigerated water pump
2) Circulating pump of water tower 8) Drain valve 14) Bypass valve(regulating valve)
3) Angle valve 9) Low pressure switch 15) Cooling water outlet
4) Drying filter 10) Compressor 16) Drain valve
5) Expansion valve 11) Evaporator 17) Cooling water outlet
6) Automatic water makeup nozzle 12) Bypass valve(regulating valve) 18) Cooling water inlet


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