Explosion-Proof Chillers & Cooling Systems

Water cooled Or air cooled chiller systems for hazardous locations

Coolsoon manufactures many of explosion-proof chillers which have a reinforced design to protect its components from ambient flammable materials that could cause an explosion. These explosion-proof water chillers must have sealed wiring to protect the air from stray sparks that could ignite any vapors or flammable gases.

Why explosion-proof water chillers in hazardous location?

For some hazardous working environment the safety of both employees and the facility are the most important. So in order to avoid explosion from explosive or flammable materials, explosion-proof water chillers are the safe cooling equipment for some hazardous industries.

Applications of explosion-proof industrial chillers

Normally explosion-proof water chillers are used in a wide range of hazardous environments for cooling processing, including chemical plants, oil refineries, laboratories, gas refineries, coal plants, as well as many other applications that with flammable gases and vapors. These water chillers are safe cooling systems for any type of hazardous area classification such as Zone 1/Division 1 and Zone 2/Division 2.

Custom design & cooling capacity are available to meet your cooling requirements on hazardous processing. Just contact and inform us your hazardous area classification and our engineers will get back with reliable cooling solutions.

Free Diagnose & Calculation

Our engineers will study your cooling demand in details and calculate cooling capacity.

Customized Designs

Customize is acceptable according to your exact demands.

16+ Years Experience

Professional with 16+ years experience in industrial cooling.

Turn-Key Systems

Almost turn-key system due to independent design, easy installation.