Both air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers with large cooling capacity

Water Chillers for Industrial Process Cooling

As industrial cooling solutions provider, Coolsoon offers full ranges of industrial water chillers for variety of industries. Normally these industrial chiller lines include air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers.

Coolsoon industrial chillers are equipped with effective capacity control. These line of water chillers can provide excellent cooling capacity so usually used for large capacity applications and industrial processing cooling , such as plastic injection, plastic extrusion, plastic bottle blowing and film blowing, concrete, chemicals…


  • Coolsoon water chillers are the perfect solutions for hot humid and dusty environments. Our chillers are in place to maximize your control on your chilled water supply. They combine advanced design features that include energy saving scroll compressors, easy operation, reasonable design, high quality and various models.
  • These industrial water chiller lines can precisely control the temperature, which is requested during industrial production, and they can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality, also can reduce production time.
  • Air cooled industrial chillers are equipped with finned copper by the warped and ranked copper pipe, taking the two flanging warped pieces machinery technology and advanced heat exchange production line. It assures the high efficiency and quality.


  • Imported branded compressor from USA and Japan, built in safety protection, low noise, power-saving and durability.

  • “SCHNEIDER” electrical components, featuring stability and long service life.
  • Branded water pump with big flow, high efficiency and durability.
  • Imported precise digital temperature controller with LCD display, controlling the water temperature as accurate as ±1℃ from – 35℃ ~ 50℃.

  • Auto test and analysis function by displaying working condition in Chinese and English for easy operation and supervision.

  • Stainless steel tank evaporator with built in auto filling water devices, convenient for clean and maintenance.
  • Shell and tube condenser adopted for water cooled industrial chiller, taking the internal threaded copper tube in a reasonable design and high efficient heat exchange.
  • Optional environmental protection refrigerant R404A, R134a, R407c.
  • Customized chiller with special power supply voltage.


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