thermal spray chillers for ARC spray cooling, HVOF spray cooling and plasma spray cooling

Water Chillers for Thermal Spray Cooling

Thermal spay chillers are utilized as the process chilling systems, as it is critical to control the temperature during thermal spay process to achieve high quality final products.

Thermal spray is a coating process in which fine particles of a coating substance are carried in a stream of working gas and sprayed onto the surface of a target component to create a uniform, finished coating. This kind of coating process includes HVOF spray, ARC spray as well as Plasma spray.

Normally wire material is used for ARC spray as a feed stock, whose advantage is that two different wires can be used simultaneously to produce a pseudo alloy. And this kind of spray process is often used when applying to large areas such as corrosion resistance on large components or for the building up of worn components.

HVOF is a thermal spray system using the combustion of gases, such as Hydrogen or a liquid fuel such as kerosene. One of advantage of this system’s high velocity is the extremely high coating density and low oxide content.

The plasma spraying process involves the latent heat of ionized inert gas (Plasma) being used to create the heat source. The most common gas used to create the plasma is argon.

All above thermal sprays can provide very high bonding characteristics and surfaces that can offer thermal protection, wear and corrosion resistance as well as resistance to other environmental interaction types.

Thermal spay chillers are required for spray chilling

However, the most important of a thermal spray process is the precise thermal spray cooling, not overheating or over cooling, to avoid the nozzle to melt or to clog as well as defective surface.

Coolsoon spray chillers offer various features required to control spray nozzle temperature accurately. The thermal spray chillers feature programmable controllers, closed loop sensor feedback, and energy efficient. This integrated spray chilling system is able to maintain the precise temperature required for thermal spray tips.

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