Professional Manufacture of Water Chillers

With more than 16 years experience Coolsoon is so proud of being one of leading water chiller manufacture, focusing on research, development & production on water chillers – air cooled or water cooled type, helping you to improve product quality & reduce manufacturing time. We are recognized as a professional water chiller manufacture for industry process cooling, which features reliable cooling capacity, easy operation, reasonable design, high quality and various selection on models.

What Chillers Can Do?

  • Water chillers can precisely control the liquid flow temperature required during your production processing.

  • Water chillers can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality.
  • Water chillers can reduce manufacturing time.
  • Brewery chillers can chill down the wort and keep constant low temperature during fermentation process.

  • Glycol chillers can keep good taste of beer during brewing and improve beer clarity.

  • Laser chiller can maintain a precise laser wavelength and via cooling to achieve desired beam quality.

  • Chiller can give constant temperature when material mixing.
  • To avoid explosion from explosive or flammable materials, explosion-proof chillers are designed for some hazardous working environment.

  • And so on…

Features of COOLSOON Chillers

  • Imported branded compressor from USA and Japan, built in safety protection, low noise, power-saving and durability.
  • “SCHNEIDER” electrical components, featuring stability and long service life.
  • Italian water pump with big flow, high efficiency and durability.
  • Imported precise digital temperature controller with LCD display, controlling the water temperature as accurate as ±1℃ from 5℃~50℃. Auto test and analysis function and running status indicated on display.
  • Stainless steel tank evaporator with built in auto filling water devices, convenient for clean and maintenance.
  • Shell and tube condenser adopted for water cooled industrial chiller, taking the internal threaded copper tube in a reasonable design and high efficient heat exchange. Air cooled industrial chiller equipped with finned copper by the warped and ranked copper pipe, taking the two flanging warped pieces machinery technology and advanced heat exchange production line.
  • Optional environmental protection refrigerant R404A, R134a, R407c.
  • Customized chiller with special power supply voltage.

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