water chillers for CNC plasma cutting processing

Different from laser cutting, waterjet cutting or oxy fuel cutting, plasma cutting has so many advantages and that is why CNC plasma cutting is widely used this years, as well as plasma cutting chiller to give stable temperature during CNC plasma cutting procedure.


What are the benefits of Plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is simple to use so it can be operate by hand or robot. Also, plasma cutting is economical than other kinds of cutting. Plasma cutting can be used on a wider range of materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. The most important is that, other than laser cutting, or oxy fuel cutting, plasma cutting has a high-quality cut edge, which means it won’t leave jag on the cutting edges.

Why Plasma chillers are helpful?

In order to achieve all above, the key is to remove the heat during plasma cutting, which can be done by plasma cutting chiller cooling system. It can be designed in various cooling capacity to meet specific cooling requirement from customers.


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