Industrial Process Cooling

Professional Industrial Cooling Solutions

COOLSOON is dedicated to providing flexible industrial cooling solutions for various applications, including various industrial chillers with wide range of cooling capacity. We have proudly built and installed complete industrial chiller systems for customers around the globe.

Industrial water chillers, both water cooled and air cooled, are available in any tons at your unique needs and used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and factory machinery in a wide range of industries. They are often used in the plastic process industries which includes plastic injection, plastic extrusion, plastic bottle blowing and film blowing. Water chillers are also used in metal metal finish industries like metal anodizing and plating, laser processing like laser welding laser cutting, laser drilling and marking. For fermented craft beverage, cooling is also necessary such as  food and beverage processing like craft brewery, distillery, cider, winery & Kombucha. Further more they can also used in die-casting and machine tooling, chemical processing, pharmaceutical formulation, paper and cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, power supplies and power generation stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air and gas cooling.

Custom Designed Industrial Cooling

Normally our standard water chiller or heat ex-changer can meet your cooling requirement, as they are in various tons and designs. Of course if you need special cooling solutions, our professional engineers can design a customized industry cooling solution to meet your specifications. Just contact us with your cooling requirements and our engineers will conduct basic heat and mass transfer calculations, as well as cooling system design for you.

Industries & Applications We Served (include but not limited to)