Industrial Chillers for Different Industrial Processing Cooling

air cooled & water cooled industrial chillers at any cooling capacity

Coolsoon has been manufacturing industrial chillers for over 16 years. Our skilled engineers are  always here to help in various cooling system requirements to insure stable cooling and high performance.

Our industrial chiller lines can support various industrial process but not limited to those applications, so if any question about cooling, get in contact with us and we will get back to you with reliable cooling solutions.

Industrial chillers are used to chill industrial equipment or processing. They are applications used to pump cooled water or other liquid through process or laboratory equipment. In an industrial setting such as laser welding, concrete batching, machine tooling, chemical processing, plastic injection and blow molding industrial chillers maintain temperature control of the equipment to save production time, increase production quality and avoid sudden breakdowns. This type of technology is necessary for particular industry applications to prevent heat damage to the manufacturing system during production.

Industrial chiller, is a specialized category of equipment, sometimes referred to as a chiller air cooled or chiller water cooled. This cooling system is extremely important in the food and beverage processing industry, vacuum systems, x-ray diffraction, power generation stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, gas cooling as well as MRI machines and lasers. Industrial chiller is specifically engineered to prevent downtime during the production process.

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Industrial water chillers are designed to assist in the creation of a safe, smooth and efficient application when it comes to temperature control. Whether using an air or water industrial chiller, the overall costs in energy can be significantly reduced benefiting not only the organization but the impact on the environment is greatly reduced as well. Industrial water chillers come in either central chillers for large plant environments or portable industrial chiller for precision applications. Portable industrial chillers on wheels are a convenient and cost effective way to ensure temperature regulation on sensitive applications that need closer attention to prevent unexpected problems like critical government communication heat loads.

In specific industries where cooling is required in the manufacturing or storage of products, a chiller is the solution for stability of production. Grocery distribution warehouses, fruit vegetable storage and loading docks all depend on industrial chiller for the preservation of their products.

Even if you do not know anything about industrial water chillers, our professional engineers are always here to assist in chiller system sizing that will help increase efficiency, lower costs and prevent damage to your equipment and loss of product quality.


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