custom waterjet chillers for water jet cutting cooling

Water Chillers for Water Jet Cutting Machine

Waterjet is an extremely versatile cutting tool which is used globally in many industries, as waterjet can cut most of materials with any virtually shape or thickness and accuracy, as well as high performance with waterjet cutting chillers equipped. Compared to laser cutting, waterjet cutting has lots of advantages over lasers cutting.

What are the advantages of waterjet cutting?

  • Waterjet can cut almost any materials, such copper, brass, aluminum, pre-hardened steel and mild steel, exotic materials such as titanium, inconel and hastalloy, 304 stainless steel, brittle materials such as glass, ceramic.
  • Waterjet is safe as there are no noxious fumes, such as vaporized metal, and no risk of fires.
  • Waterjet is environmentally friendly, better tolerances, low equipment cost, simple operation and maintenance.
  • Waterjet can cut precise internal cutouts, better edges.

Why waterjet cutting chillers?

However the most important to prolong the life of waterjet machine is to equip cooling system for waterjet machine, as the pump inside requires particular water temperature for longevity and efficiency. The waterjet cutting chiller cooling system ensures the pump does not overheat during continuous use or warm weather.

Coolsoon is the partner you can trust when it comes to waterjet chiller system. As a market leader in the industrial cooling industry, our professional engineers are familiar with waterjet cutting process and can suggest you a chiller unit that meets your unique specifications.


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