Custom water chillers for Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, excimer lasers, ion lasers, solid-state lasers, and dye lasers

Industrial Laser Chiller for Laser Processing

Laser chiller systems are the modern tool of choice for many types of processes from laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling to laser engraving. However the high performance of laser system depends on effective cooling of the laser system, so the excess heat must be removed from it avoid overheating critical components, which can be solved by applying laser chiller systems.

Laser Chillers Normally for What?

  • via cooling to maintain a precise laser wavelength
  • via cooling to achieve desired beam quality
  • via cooling to reduce thermal stress
  • via cooling to get higher output efficiency

Why Laser Chillers For Laser Systems?

  • The increasing heat can cause increase in wavelength, which compromise the performance of laser system.
  • Operating temperature can effect the beam quality, as strong beam focus is required in some laser applications.
  • Lower operating temperatures ensure longer lifetime of a laser system’s components.


Successful Cooling Projects