glycol chillers for craft brewery, winery, cider, Distillery etc

Water Chillers for Fermented Craft Beverages

Temperature is the key factor during beverage production and it determines the flavor of beverages.

  • Ultra low temperature design

  • Precise temperature control

  • Custom cooling capacity / voltage

  • Independent design & easy installation

Craft Beer




Coolsoon is a leading manufacturer of beverage process cooling equipment for fermented craft beverages. Our cooling equipment includes portable glycol chillers and central chillers as well as a full line of other cooling chiller systems. These fermented beverages include craft beer breweries, distilleries, wineries, cider, and Kombucha. Regardless of the cooling capacity, we can provide you with the right chiller according to your requirement on cooling capacity.

Why glycol chillers for craft beverages processing?

Our engineers understand your fermented craft process. With their experiences they can help to select the right chiller for your specific needs to minimize costs. For example, several factors must be considered when selecting a brewery chiller: the temperature your want during process, the brew house capacity, the quantity and volume of fermentation tanks as well as the quantity and volume for the brite tanks.

fermented beverage chillers

How is beverage chiller normally used in different food processing?

  • Craft beer brewery – wort cooling, control of fermentation temperature, cooling vessels/tun, pre-packaging cooling, cooling of storage
  • Wineries – cooling of fermentation process, room cooling etc.
  • Cider – fermentation temperature control, chilling of juice, storage cooling
  • Distillery – cooling of fermentation process, distillation Tanks & stills etc.
  • Kombucha – control of fermentation temperatures, chilling after fermentation, storage cooling


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