water chillers for plastic injection, plastic extruding, sheet extrusion or profile extrusion, bottle blowing and film blowing

Industrial Plastic Process Chillers for Plastic Processing

Process cooling in plastic processing is necessary as considerable amounts of heat have to be removed from the material, mold or machine, such as plastic injection, plastic extruding (sheet extrusion or profile extrusion), bottle blowing and film blowing etc.

Before shaping, thermoplastic materials such as polypropylene, nylon and PET, thermoplastic must be heated to their molten temperature. When molten, they can then be manipulated (injection molded, extruded etc) to a new shape. Finally they must be solidified them via cooling.

  • Plastic process chiller is used to cool the hot plastic that is injected, blown, extruded or stamped to maximize productivity and improve the quality.
  • Plastic process chiller can be used to cool down the plastic process equipment that is used to produce plastic products, such as hydraulics of the molding machine, gear box and barrel of the extrusion machine, to save energy and extend lifetime of the machine.

We are proudly to design any independent water chillers as per your cooling requirement, for any types of plastic pressing machine, such as plastic injection machine, sheet extrusion machine, profile extrusion machine, bottle blowing machine, film flowing machine, etc.

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