Industrial Screw Chillers

Both air cooled and water cooled screw chillers with large cooling capacity

As industrial cooling provider, Coolsoon offers full ranges of industrial screw type chillers for variety of  industries. Normally these screw type chiller lines include water cooled screw chillers and air cooled screw chillers.

Coolsoon water screw type chillers are equipped with effective capacity control. These line of industrial water chillers can provide excellent cooling capacity so usually used for large capacity applications and industrial processing cooling , such as plastic injection, plastic extrusion, plastic bottle blowing and film blowing, concrete, chemicals. food and beverages...


Branded screw type compressor, high efficient copper condenser, evaporator and famous control components - all means compact size, low noise & vibration, high cooling capacity, easy operation and durability.

This kind of semi-hermetic screw compressor features quiet operation and maintenance-friendly. It comes with separate radial and axial force bearings, motor winding protection, discharge temperature protection with its controller, oil level and oil differential pressure switches, which ensures reliability even after long time working under heavy operating conditions.

Quality cooler also ensure high efficiency. The evaporators are built with doubly enhanced and highly efficient finned copper tubes, and the shell is manufactured with high-grade steel. Also, the shell and tube condensers are also made with doubly enhanced, highly efficient finned copper tubes.

  • New screw type compressor with 20%-30% higher in efficiency.
  • Cooling capacity control available at four steps (100%-75%-50%-25%), three steps (100%-66%-33%) or no steps control system.
  • High efficiency, low noise and vibration, easy to install.
  • Environmental protection refrigerant R134a, R407c available, no ozone depletion potential
  • SIEMENS PLC program control system, human-computer interface with big LED touch panel, running state displaying in multi-language, and self-diagnosis for easy operation and supervision.
  • Extended industrial interface, convenient for being computer monitor via network.
  • Multi-safety protection: high and low pressure, compressor overheating, overloading, over temperature, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, exhaust overheating and anti-freezing.
Free Diagnose & Calculation

Our engineers will study your cooling demand in details and calculate cooling capacity.

Customized Designs

Customize is acceptable according to your exact demands.

16+ Years Experience

Professional with 16+ years experience in industrial cooling.

Turn-Key Systems

Almost turn-key system due to independent design, easy installation.