Low temperature glycol chiller systems for craft beer brewery

Brewery Chillers for Craft Beer Brewing

Wort Cooling
Fermentation Cooling
Vessels / Tun Cooling
Pre-packaging Cooling

The making of craft brewery is an amazing biochemical process. The malted barley is crushed and fed into a mash tun, then into lauter tun where water is added at specific temperature. This mixture of crushed malt and water is called mash. Once complete, the mash is lautered and then transferred to a sterilized brew kettle, in which the wort is then boiled, concentrated and hops are added for flavor and aroma. So the effective way to maintain stable temperature during the process is utilize brewery chillers.

After boiling process, hop material and protein sediments are removed in the whirlpool process. The wort is then cooled down to a temperature for fermentation, usually firstly cooled by plate heat exchanger and secondly cooled by chilled water supplied by glycol brewery chillers.

brewery chillers
glycol chiller systems

Why brewery chillers for craft brewery?

Temperature control is critical to the processing of craft beer brewing. The mashing process requires high temperature to convert malt into sugar. Then mash needs to be chilled down before fermentation. Also, low temperature is required during fermentation process, and this can be achieved by water chillers.

What chillers can do for craft brewery?

Our glycol chiller systems are normally used for wort cooling, temperature controlling during fermentation, cooling vessels / tun, pre-packaging cooling and storage cooling, as well as other applications in fermented craft beverages.

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