Optical chillers for anti-reflection coating, high-reflector coating

Water Chillers for Optical Coating Processing

Optical coating chiller are commonly used in optical coating processing.

Many precision optical elements receive coatings in order to improve their transmission or reflection for certain wavelengths or polarization states. The most common types of coatings are anti-reflection (AR), high-reflective (mirror), beamsplitter, and filter. Anti-reflection is normally used on spectacle and photographic lenses and the high-reflective is used to produce mirrors which reflect greater than 99.99% of the light which falls on them.

However many factors play critical roles in the processing of a optical coating, including the rate of deposition, substrate temperature, oxygen partial pressure, thickness calibration, material-melt preconditioning, and electron-gun sweep. One of them is the temperature which can be eliminated by optical coating chiller to achieve final optical coating products with high quality.

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