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Any types of water chillers – water cooled, air cooled, screw type, and scroll type chillers for variety of industrial processing

Water Chiller System

Water cooled chillers take heat from processing water, and the heat is then discharged to the water resource. This type of water chiller systems feature high efficiency and also widely in many applications.

Air Chiller System

Air cooled chillers exchange heat from processing water, and the heat is then transferred to the air outside. This type of air chiller system is widely used where the water resource is insufficient, and cooling tower is not required, featuring water-saving.

Screw Chillers

Screw type chillers are equipped with effective capacity control. These line of industrial screw chillers can provide excellent cooling capacity so usually used for large capacity applications and industrial processing cooling.

Explosion-Proof Chillers

Explosion-proof chillers come with with a reinforced design to protect its components from ambient flammable materials that could cause an explosion. These explosion-proof water chillers must have sealed wiring to protect the air from stray sparks that could ignite any vapors or flammable gases.

Industrial Chillers

Industrial water chillers come in either central chillers for large plant environments or portable industrial chiller for precision applications with smaller cooling capacity.


Commited to industrial cooling solutions for vast range of industrial processing, such as plastic, chemical, welding, electroplate, food processing, brewing etc.

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