Industrial Anodizing Plating Chillers for Metal Finishing

Industrial water chillers to chill anodizing & plating processing

As we know most metal finishing process, such anodizing or plating, generates amount of heat which must to be dispatched to ensure the top quality of final products, so anodizing plating chillers can be utilized to remove heat generated during metal finishing process by keeping the best suitable temperature which is needed for anodizing & plating.

Why anodizing chillers are needed?

Anodizing combines with nature to create one of the world’s best metal finishes. It is the process of electrochemically controlling, accelerating, and enhancing oxidation of an aluminum tube, creating a durable, scratch-resistant coating on the surface. However, the temperature control is one of the most important factor during anodizing, plating and other metal finishing processes.

anodizing & plating
metal anodizing

Several metals can be anodized, and of course aluminum is the most common but the process may also be applied to magnesium, titanium, and tantalum. Anodizing is an “electrochemical conversion process” that changes the outer structure of the metal, rather than an applied coating, like paint. The anodizing of aluminum is performed by making the part that is to be anodized, the “anode” or positive end of an electrical circuit within an acid electrolyte. With electricity applied through the acid from the cathode an oxide layer develops in and on the outer layer of the metal. This outer layer can be formed so that it has a porous quality and the aluminum oxide layer can be dyed in many colors.

We can proudly meet requirements on metal finishing

Coolsoon is a real manufacturer of water chillers for metal finishing process, such as anodizing chillers and plating chillers. If any question about how to choose cooling chillers for any applications or how to calculate cooling capacity, then our engineers are pleasure to hear from you.


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