An industrial chiller is a compressor-based cooling system that takes out heat from a liquid, controlling and chilling it. Components include temperature controller, reservoir, and a recirculating pump. It comes in different types: portable, air cooled chiller and water chilled chiller. Industrial applications for a chiller involve die-casting and machine tooling, food and beverage processing, chemical processing, paper and cement processing, welding equipment, pharmaceutical formulation and X-ray diffraction, so chiller comes into different types: laser chiller, PCB chiller, screw chiller and others. A chiller is also used to cool high-powered electronics inside diagnostic machines like PET scans and MRIs.

Choosing an industrial chiller requires more than just knowing the cooling requirements, the reservoir or internal water tank size, and the chiller cooling capacity. Every business must also consider the power source or if there is a need to get additional power to stablise temperature for differing loads; the total life-cycle cost, whether a new system will eventually be required to increase performance or an existing unit’s repair or maintenance cost will be minimal; condenser capacity and material, which can affect efficiency, and chiller design.

A chiller’s design can be as significant as its components. Some designs support high rates of fluid while others are meant to use specific fluids – for instance, a chiller with no brass or copper when the fluid being cooled is distilled water. Both can actually cause metal corrosion, which is why plastic or stainless steel components are used in the chiller.

Other considerations to think of when getting a chiller are ambient temperature, evaporator capacity and material, chiller IP rating, pump specifications, control panel features (e.g. fault, pressure, and temperature indicators, etc.), noise level, internal piping materials, and a host of other factors that should correspond to future cooling needs.

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