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Solution to refrigerant leakage

Affected by the production environment and other factors, industrial chillers would came with some serious problems such as insufficient refrigerant or leakage. If the refrigerant can not meet the operational requirements of the equipment, it will inevitably lead to the continuous decline in the overall efficiency of the industrial chiller, and at the same time [...]

what is water chiller?

Water chiller takes heat from processing water, and the heat is then discharged to the water resource or the air outside. This type of  chiller system features high efficiency and also widely in many applications. Water chiller is a device that cools machine or process, such as a plastic injection molding machine, welding machine. It does [...]

National Day Holiday –2018

Dear customers and suppliers, thanks for your continuous support on our COOLSOON water chiller business range. we will have Chinese National Day holiday dated from 1st  to 7th, Oct., 2018 and return back to work on 8th, Oct., 2018.  During these times, if anything urgently, pls contact Ms. Joyzhou , phone number 0086-13823390702.Email address: joyzhou@cool-chiller.com. [...]

Environment must to be taken into consideration when choosing chiller

When choosing proper water chiller for application, many factors should be taken into consideration, such as how much cooling capacity need for processing equipment, in what environment chiller operated, types of process fluid and flow & pressure. Today, let us talk about equipment, that is the ambient temperature. An air-cooled chiller’s ability to dissipate heat [...]

how to sizing a chiller unit?

No matter what kind of industry you are in or what kind of cooling system you need, making sure that you have sufficient cooling is critical to optimal performance. While it may seem that there is not much to consider when sizing chiller as to the type of chilling equipment to purchase, there are a [...]

Redundant chiller-Best choice for you!

Chiller redundancy provides increased reliability and energy efficiency. Questions from customers: 1. How should we choose more energy saving chiller unit? 2. How to decrease the cost when we meet the downtown of the cooling system? 3. How fast the supplier can do to repair the units when chiller got the problem. 4. If we [...]

Factors on Choosing Industrial Chillers

An industrial chiller is a compressor-based cooling system that takes out heat from a liquid, controlling and chilling it. Components include temperature controller, reservoir, and a recirculating pump. It comes in different types: portable, air cooled chiller and water chilled chiller. Industrial applications for a chiller involve die-casting and machine tooling, food and beverage processing, [...]

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