Affected by the production environment and other factors, industrial chillers would came with some serious problems such as insufficient refrigerant or leakage. If the refrigerant can not meet the operational requirements of the equipment, it will inevitably lead to the continuous decline in the overall efficiency of the industrial chiller, and at the same time lead to an increase in the energy consumption of industrial chillers.

In a word, refrigerant shortage or leakage is common problem for water chillers. So generally for most of companies, this kind of problem can be detected and eliminate as long as daily inspection is conducted. Because the shortage of refrigerant directly affects the working efficiency of the industrial chiller so they are need to be paid great attention to the correct detection and maintenance of the refrigerant.

Refrigerant leakage is very harmful.

For industrial chiller, if there is a serious leakage problem with the refrigerant, it will inevitably cause downtime. Due to the safety protection system for industrial refrigerators, the chiller will automatically stop running, in order to reduce the probability of damage to other equipment. In particular, for high-power industrial chiller equipment, the location of leakage must be discovered quickly in the event of leakage of the refrigerant, and it is handled by professional staff. Meanwhile, a detailed inspection of the refrigerant pressure must be performed before starting, and the industrial chiller equipment must be turned on within the normal pressure range. If it is found that there is leakage of refrigerant in the industrial chiller, the leakage gap must be sealed in time and appropriate amount of refrigerant must be added to ensure the safe running of the industrial chiller.

Handling Tips

A minor industrial chiller failure can be quickly and effectively handled without stop running of the equipment. For the problem of serious leakage, the equipment must be stopped. Also the parts must be replaced other than repair to avoid recurrence of refrigerant leakage.

For serious failures such as insufficient or leakage of industrial chiller refrigerant, chillers need to be promptly repaired and replaced. Of course replacement is highly suggested which ensures stable performance of industrial chillers.