Chiller redundancy provides increased reliability and energy efficiency.

Questions from customers:

1. How should we choose more energy saving chiller unit?

2. How to decrease the cost when we meet the downtown of the cooling system?

3. How fast the supplier can do to repair the units when chiller got the problem.

4. If we need to add the industrial chiller in the expanded production line in the future,  Should we need to take this point in the purchasing plan now?

Double or more compressors cooling system-Redundant chiller to solve all the problems above.

1. Double or more individual cooling circuits can be provided

It can work together or work individually. means if your chiller unit work in the winter season, there is not much cooling capacity needed, you can choose to just work one compressor cooling system, If you need more cooling capacity , you can let two compressor cooling system work together, which is more energy saving.

2. Double or more individual control panel can be provided.

If the downtown will make more affects for your processing equipment, it can choose the redundant chiller, If one failed, another can be automatically switch on and  to work to make sure the stability of the cooling system.

3. If you have the plan to expand your production line, pls consider the redundant chiller, even though the initially cost will be higher, but which will be more valuable in the terms of  long term development of plant. cost will be more lower as it has deducted the cost for the extra chiller.

Pls specify your requests and consideration to the supplier , let them to offer the most suitable solution for your side.

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