Here are the general information which is needed to be confirmed before ordering from Coolsoon Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

1. please specify the cooling capacity(KW/US.RT/kcal/h) you need.

2. What type of chiller you prefer, air cooled chiller or water cooled chiller and what is the difference?

Air cooled chiller is easy to install and move the location, but it is more strict to the operation ambient temperature( better to run it under 38℃)

howerver water cooled chiller performs well in the cooling efficiency ,specially in the high operated ambient temperature (38℃~45℃), but it should have enough clean water resources and not convenient to move the unit as it need cooling tower and cooling water pump to work together.

3. What kind of refrigerant (Coolant) you prefer? R22, R407C or R134a.

Normally it depend on the demands from customer. If your country have strict laws to the environmental protection, we shall suggest the R407C to you. If your operation ambient temperature around the chiller is very high(above 40 ℃), we shall suggest the R134a, but please note the cooling efficiency of R134a is just 70% of R22 and R407C. and also cost is higher.

4. What kind of water system in customer side?( to choose the evaporator tye)

Evaporator type: standard one water tank with coil, Shell and tube and Plate heat exchanger.
Water tank with coil evaporator applied to the closed water system.
Shell and Tube evaporator applied to the open system, normally there is a water tank (or water sink) in customer side .
PHE applied to the open pure water system. Since it have more strictly requests for the quality of the water .

Other special information need to specify like need the big water flow or pump pressure or remote control system or non-corrosion material.