The service life for the chiller unit mostly depend on the good working condition and maintenance for the chiller system.  For the Coolsoon Chiller, below points should be noted for the  maintenance

1.The refrigerating water pump should not work if there is no water in the water tank; (For the chiller unit above 7.5 HP, there is a built-in water level protector in the water tank. While the water level is too low or the tank is empty, the water pump will be stopped automatically, and it displays the water-level fault code and alarm.)

2. The operating switches should be avoided frequently switching over. Pls turn off the main power when the machine did not work for a long time.

3. While the refrigerated-water temperature reaches to the set temperature, the compressor will stop.

4. In order to prevent the evaporator freezing, do not set temperature below 5℃;( except the low temperature chillers), Pls drain out the chilled medium off the machine when it did not work for a long time.

5. To make sure the best cooling efficiency and best working condition of the unit, please clean the condenser, evaporator and the water filter regularly, and confirm there are no adulterant and other obstruction.

6. Please turn off  the chiller  while  it is alarming. And start chiller after the failures are removed according to the way stated in the COOLSOON  Manual.

7. Good ventilation and clean working condition will be better for the operation of air cooled chiller as along as keeping in high cooling efficiency.