At the beginning of 2020, we met a evil virus , called covid -19, they destroyed our  lung and whole health system, and even killed our people , it spread very fast , we must take an action by keep an enough distance from our relatives, friends , even families.  Now most of people recovered in the past two months By struggle with themselves and got the carefully take care from the strongest doctor and nurses .

Now COOLSOON recovered the work fully from the beginning of  March, and we are happy that we can produce our COOLSOON WATER CHILLER again, we loved our jobs, although we still need to take a face masks ,and keep a good habit for sanitary , our life now recovered step by step.

Currently this evil virus spread over the world , hope all the people can gather together to fight it and hug our beautiful and freedom life again soon.. COOL SOON CHILLER hope all our friends, customers can take care of them and their families well!

We are here to fight against covid-19 together!  –COOLSOON CHILLER