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what is water chiller?

Water chiller takes heat from processing water, and the heat is then discharged to the water resource or the air outside. This type of  chiller system features high efficiency and also widely in many applications. Water chiller is a device that cools machine or process, such as a plastic injection molding machine, welding machine. It does [...]

National Day Holiday –2018

Dear customers and suppliers, thanks for your continuous support on our COOLSOON water chiller business range. we will have Chinese National Day holiday dated from 1st  to 7th, Oct., 2018 and return back to work on 8th, Oct., 2018.  During these times, if anything urgently, pls contact Ms. Joyzhou , phone number 0086-13823390702.Email address: [...]

Efficient Operation of Cooling Water Systems

Any industry professional would quickly agree that water is the key ingredient to evaporative cooling water systems performance. For evaporative cooling equipment like cooling towers, evaporative condensers or fluid coolers, water quality is essential for proper heat transfer and the healthy service life of the equipment. By association, that same water also is essential to [...]

Environment must to be taken into consideration when choosing chiller

When choosing proper water chiller for application, many factors should be taken into consideration, such as how much cooling capacity need for processing equipment, in what environment chiller operated, types of process fluid and flow & pressure. Today, let us talk about equipment, that is the ambient temperature. An air-cooled chiller’s ability to dissipate heat [...]

How much cooling capacity need for your application?

Regardless of your application requirements, understanding the major factors when sizing a cooling system is crucial to obtaining the right water chiller fit with proper cooling capacity. Pairing this information again and again can help improve efficiency, reduce frustration and even correctly re-purpose existing systems when necessary. for example, the most important factor in choosing a cooling [...]

The Exhibition Plan in 2011

The Exhibition Plan in 2011 No. Date Name of Exhibition Place of Exhibition Area Booth 1 From Oct.15 to Oct.19 110th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall 49㎡ pending 2 From Oct.29 to Nov.1  2011 42 session (spring) national pharmaceutical machinery exposition Qingdao International Expo Center 56㎡ [...]

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